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Bruce Morrison has been a certified public health inspector for over 30 years, and retired manager of Food Safety for the province of Nova Scotia.  Please click here for Mr. Morrison's biography and qualifications.  


Mr. Morrison offers nationally accredited Food Handler  and Food Safety certification training for the food service industry, continuing care certification programs, child care facilities, and community groups.


The Food Safety course titles are   Basics FST, Advanced FST, and FOODSAFE Level I.   All course prices include a student manual.   And, upon successful completion of the course, a nationally approved completion certificate valid for 5 years is issued.   Course duration for FOODSAFE and Basics FST is 1 day (5 to 7 hours depending on breaks).   The Advanced FST course duration is a 2 day course (12 to 14 hours)


Food Handler and Food Safety courses may be scheduled during normal work times and are also available weekends and and evenings for your convenience.


Mr. Morrison's courses use the Food Safe Training publications (Level 1) which are approved by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture:  Food Protection and Enforcement, Food Safety Section.  Additional publications for the Basics and Advanced Food Safety Training Classes are published by TrainCan, for which Mr. Morrison is a certified trainer.


Nova Scotia Food Handler and Food Safety training classes will provide your group's employees and/or members with valuable knowledge about safe food handling practices.   In addition to restaurants and the food service business sectors, Food Handler training is very valuable for those in the home care and continuing care service sectors.   Food Safety is important to everyone.


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How to contact Mr. Morrison:


Telephone (Home):         (902) 295 3030

Mailing Address:              B. Morrison's Food Safety Education

                                        107 Old Margaree Road

                                         PO Box 323

                                         Baddeck NS B0E 1B0  






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